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RD Burman: Articles on Pancham
 The lost generation

For Bengalis who grew up with his music, RD's passing away marks the end of youth

by Abhijit Dasgupta

A good thing about India is that it lives in it's music. And perhaps the best thing about us is that most if us die with our music too. A part of us died at 3.30 am on January 4; the music that we had lived for all these years passed into eternity at precisely that hour, with the death of Rahul Dev Burman.

 When the beat stopped...

by Ajitabh Menon

R.D. Burman's tragic demise

1994 had finally arrived. The new year had begun with a big bang. High hopes, high spirits and great expectations for happiness, peace and prosperity. There was no place left for sadness or gloom. And yet, it found its insidious way into our hearts on that unfortunate winter morning.


by Subhash K Jha

Remembering the finger-snappers and the soulful songs sung by R.D. Burman himself... on the occasion of his fourth death anniversary which fell on January 4, 1998.

It was an inherited talent. Music was a gift bequeathed to Rahul Dev Burman, who passed away so suddenly four years ago, by his father, Sachin Dev Burman. If Burman Dada immortalised himself with his two manjhi songs -- O re manjhi (Bandini) and Sun mere bandhu re (Sujata) -- Burman Baba belted out O manjhi teri naiyya se chhoota kinara in that long-forgotten river-bank(rupt) bilingual Aar Paar directed by Shakti Samanta.

 R.D. Burman : Trendsetter

by Raju Bharatan

He was a jet-set trend-setter.

Naushad Ali, in his prime, was referred to as 'The Maestro with the Midas Touch'. I would likewise refer to Rahul Dev Burman as 'The Maestro with the Mod Touch'.

"RD Was by far the stand-out talent among the younger line of composers, at all times innovative like me, at all times experimenting like me," says Salil Chowdhury. "In fact, I would go step further and rank him alongside all the top composers of my generation, such was his range and variety."

 Pancham revisited

by Raju Bharatan

On RD Burman's 14th death anniversary, Raju Bharatan talks about an interview with the legendary composer which he took in 1991.

He scored for 331 films in 32 years. How does his Kishore Kumar song-tally compare with Asha Bhosle's? Where Kishore sang 558 songs for him (227 solo, 245 duets), Asha rendered 840 of his compositions (406 solo, 338 duets).

 Remembering Panchamda

by Raju Bharatan

Which is the first interlude piece Pancham did for an SD Burman tune? Read about that and more.

Which is the first interlude piece Pancham did for an S D Burman tune? It's the super Pyaasa interlude music you hear on Waheeda via Geeta in Jaane kyaa tuune kahee.

Did Dada Burman himself ever sing playback for Dev Anand? SD did, said RD, in the Thhaa thhaa part of the Asha Bhosle beauty Dil lagaa ke qadar gayee pyaare, on Nalini Jaywant in Kala Pani.

 To Panchamda, with love

by Deepa Gahlot

It's his 14th death anniversary today and a two-hour documentary on the genius of RD Burman has just been completed.

It's the work of a true fan. Over the last two years, Brahmanand Singh has been working on a documentary on RD Burman, and it is finally complete Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai.

 RD Burman was made of music: Anu Mallik

by Jivraj Burman

Paying his tribute to the man, who is often credited with introducing modern music in Hindi movies, music director Anu Malik says RD Burman was "made of music".

"The variety that he introduced in film music has remained unmatched till date. He could do so because he was classically trained and at the same time, he kept abreast with modern musical trends all over the world," recalls the young composer.

 Rishi Kapoor wished to have worked with RD again

by Diganta Guha

On the 68th birth anniversary of RD Burman, Rishi Kapoor fondly remembered his association with the composer.

RD Burman and you had a great association, isn't it?
He was an old friend and no doubt one of the greatest music directors of our country. He will always be very close to my heart and I have had such a great musical journey with him. I am told that I have done some 16 films with him.