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Research on Pancham da is a prolonged but never ending process. Rediscovering this talent with his creations regularly generates new episodes and euphony remained the pioneer in exploring and unveiling the ‘Unknowns’, ‘Untraced’ and ‘Uncharted’ facts. Portraits of Pancham is a Unique collection of such innovative facts of Rahul Dev Burman. It may take a few months to frame the book but a minimum of 8 years to compile the content. A few more Publications on Pancham da may complete our entire initiative when Team Euphony is already in process to frame ‘Pancham the Genius’ the next endeavour of this journey .

Name of the Book: PORTRAITS of PANCHAM

Portraits of Pancham is going to be the realisation of a dream that we have been dreaming for long. In our seven years journey, we have come close to many great people with whom we tried to reach the man who has been the source of countless moments of joy, our dearest Pancham da. With every passing day with these great men we knew HIM more and more and we marvel at the great ocean that Pancham da was. This book is going to be memoirs of our relationship with these greats and our rediscovery of the legend.

Three sections enriched with information are compiled in the book. There will be a detailed filmography section with relevant anecdotes for the ready references when we talk about HIM in various discussions. There will be a collection of rare photographs tracing the life of the great man. And there will be Panchamda through the eyes of others, people who have known him from very close quarters.

We extend our heartiest thanks for all those great men who have so graciously agreed to write in our book and give the precious photographs to make our effort a successful one.

This is our first attempt in publication. We seek apology for any unwilling error that might have taken place. We expect all lovers and admirers of Pancham da to love and accept this book. This book is for you by all of us. We only take the honours of compiling in these many pages.

Edition:Second Edition
Date of release: 2014-12-22
ISBN Number: 97 881 930294 1 1
Price: 1599.00
In Stock :502
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